Friday, January 9, 2009

'A Night In Tunisia'

Dizzy Gillespie
EnlargeHulton Archive/Getty Images

Dizzy Gillespie introduced his famous composition "A Night in Tunisia"
by saying, "It has withstood the vicissitudes of the contingent world
and moved in an odyssey into the realm of the metaphysical."

All Things Considered, September 3, 2000 - F. Scott Fitzgerald gave a name to the jazz age. In the book Trimalchio, he wrote of jazz, "I know so little of music, I can only make a story of it." Dizzy Gillespie never had that problem.

60 years ago, the young Gillespie wrote a song that remains among the
most popular jazz standards around: "A Night in Tunisia." The song
marked the beginning of Gillespie's unique blending of Afro-Cuban
rhythms with American jazz.

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