Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tunisian foreign property 'to shine' this year

Foreign property in Tunisia has been highlighted as potentially one of the best investment markets by a leading expert.

As reported on overseas property blog Nubricks, the north African country
could possibly be a shining light for investors in an otherwise
depressed global market.

Speaking to the site, the managing
director of Experience International, Steve Worboys, said that strong
projected growth of four per cent for Tunisia and a healthy private
sector made it the ideal location for a foreign property purchase.

Mr Worboys told Nubricks: "The nation's proximity to Europe, its
increasing accessibility and underlying political and economic
stability are supporting this level of investment commitment."

He added that the country's "tourism potential" was a major draw for any foreign investors looking to buy property in Tunisia.

The foreign currency exchange rate for Tunisia is presently £1.00 to 2.0180 dinars.

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