Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tunisia Online News » Aerolia park will spearhead Tunisian aeronautical sector

Tunisia Online News » Aerolia park will spearhead Tunisian aeronautical sector: "Aerolia park will spearhead Tunisian aeronautical sector

TUNISIAONLINEWS- By opting to invest in high added value sectors Tunisia aims at becoming a regional technological pole. The country is one of the few emerging nations to house a major aeronautical park, namely Aerolia a subsidiary of EADS, the maker of Airbus planes.

The Aerolia industrial park which covers an area of some 20 hectares north west of Tunis is already attracting subcontracting companies specialized in the industrial aviation sector. With an investment cost amounting to 57 million dinars, the park is expected by 2014 to generate some 1500 employments.

To do so Tunisia has set up a group of aeronautical industries (GITAS) whose aim is to liaise between off shore aeronautical companies as well as promoting the Tunisian aeronautical industry.

GITAS has already attracted such major enterprises as Figeac Aero, Mecahers, Mecanyvois and Corse that will be producing specific parts of future Airbus planes.

Tunisia has also adopted an aggressive marketing strategy to attract more companies, notably by organising from September 28 -30, 2009 the “Tunisian Aerospace Meeting”.

The Meeting will enable the country to promote its internationally recognized know- how in the aeronautical industrial sector, as well as attracting foreign direct investments."

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