Wednesday, September 9, 2009 :: News :: News: "Davos Forum: Tunisia Ranked 2nd on a World Scale for Wastefulness of government spending
Thursday 10-11-2008

Tunisia was ranked in the second place at an international level, after Singapore in terms of Wastefulness of government spending. It performs hence better than several emerging or developing regions and countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Finland, Oman, Denmark, Hon Kong, Iceland, Malaysia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France

This ranking is calculated from public available data and an opinion survey by the Davos World Economic Forum among 12,297 business executives around the world in order to assess their perception of “the role of the state in terms of expenditures for those services that the market doesn’t offer”.

The averages of the different countries featured in the study vary from 1 (wastefulness of government spending) to 7 (excellent control and good management of public expenditure). As for Tunisia, it achieved a score of 5.6 points, which is why the country is second on a world lever over a total of 134 countries.

Source: World Economic Forum"

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