Monday, August 31, 2009

Gates of Vienna: Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/29/2009

Gates of Vienna: Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/29/2009: "Tunisia: Increased Popularity Among the English

(ANSAmed) — TUNIS, 21 AUG — Tunisia “is enjoying an increase in popularity among English families and couples,” Mark Littlefair, director of the Thomas Cook travel agency, was quoted as saying. Tunisia, in his opinion, offers an important additional value in money terms (because of the exchange rate) with prices in the north African country defined as “attractive” especially for all inclusive package holidays, Littlefair was quoted as saying by African Manager magazine. “Tunisia is also an important destination for golfers and is starting to be popular as a destination for long periods in the winter season,” Littlefair said. Another British agency that is especially attentive to Tunisia, Just Sunshine, publishes a catalogue with offers for the winter season. Its director, Chris Mannel, says Tunisia’s advantages include that of “being beyond the euro zone,” so that holidays, especially in the winter, are extremely good value. (ANSAmed)."

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