Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tunisia Online News » Tunisia ranked 5th in Internet download speed

Tunisia Online News » Tunisia ranked 5th in Internet download speed: "Tunisia ranked 5th in Internet download speed

TUNISIAONLINENEWS- According to the third annual “Speed Matters” report of “Communication Workers of America” (CWA), Tunisia is ranked 5th among 10 Arab countries, in terms of the Internet download speed with 1.4 MB (Mega Byte) after Algeria. which leads the way with a speed of 2.7 Mb.

Tunisia ranked 5th in terms of Internet download speed

Until late June 2009, the number of Internet users in Tunisia grew to 3 million (about one thirds of the population), representing a growth rate of 47% over the same period in 2008.

According to the latest figures released by the Ministry of information technologies and communications, the number of Internet subscribers reached 305,960 in April 2009 compared to 153,453 in 2008.

This is mainly due mainly to the increase in the number of computers from 997,150 in 2008 to 1.1 million PCs until June 2009

Connection capacity of the International Internet Network has grown fourfold during the first half of 2009 to reach 15 Gbit / s against 3.1 Gbit / s in 2007.

Number of subscribers to mobile networks reached 8.66 million against 7.84 million in 2007, an increase of about 9.3% for a telephone density ranging up to 83 subscribers per 100 inhabitants (the highest density in Africa).

In a related event, the Arab Advisors Group’s Total Country Connectivity Measure (TCCM) ranked Tunisia 11th among 19 Arab World countries with a rate of 128%."

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