Monday, June 21, 2010

Tunisia Wins United Nations E-government Award - Information Policy

Tunisia Wins United Nations E-government Award - Information Policy: "Tunisia Wins United Nations E-government Award
Tunisia has won United Nations e-government Survey Special Award 2010 for highest regional ranking (in Africa). Tunisia won this award thanks to its outstanding achievement and excellence in serving the public interest.

During the last 2 decades, the Internet and computer technology sector in Tunisia witnessed swift and profound changes thus boosting technological, commercial and organizational sectors. This is what allowed it to become a major pillar in the economic activity by putting modern mechanisms at the disposal of a better competitiveness, attraction of investments and intensification of commercial exchanges, as well as exports within an international economy marked by openness and competition.

The telecommunications sector has been enriched since the Change of 1987 with several achievements whose impact exceeded what has been expected during the last three decades.

Point 5 of Tunisian President Ben Ali’s Program for 'Tomorrow’s Tunisia', entitled “A propitious ground for the building of a knowledge-based economy”"

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